1. All done through computer graphics

  2. photojojo:

    Check out our favorites from the British Wildlife Photography Awards! The Guardian has a diverse gallery of shots covering every landscape possible, but all shot in the UK.

    The British Wildlife Photography Awards - Selected 2012 Winners

    via Reddit, Photos by Dr. Matt Doggett, Phil Jones, and Stephen Powles

  3. "But do not ask the price I pay,
    I must live with my quiet rage,
    Tame the ghosts in my head,
    That run wild and wish me dead. Should you shake my ash to the wind
    Lord, forget all of my sins."
    Mumford Sons
  4. Bird Vs Mantis

    Bird Vs Mantis

  5. What Are You Worth? Getting Past Status Anxiety.

    This is true in so many levels.

  6. vimeo:

    New York City Subway Stairs by Dean Peterson

    New Yorker Dean Peterson noticed a small but important detail about his subway station — a single stair that’s a fraction of an inch higher than the others, causing many transit riders to trip.

    What makes this story even better is that the MTA caught wind of this video and is taking, um, steps to fix the stairway. We love happy endings!